Great Resources...

Microsoft Corporation -Great Software Update Stuff!

Shareware -Great Any Kind of Stuff!

TuCows -Ultimate Collection of Mooooo... Stuff!

MSDN-Join The Network!

Of Personal Interest...

Augusta.Net -The Best Internet Provider!

IWanta-Sell Anything Here!

NewsPaperLinks-Checkout News in Other US Locations!

LIFE Magazine-Life!

National Geographic-National Geographic!

Coca-Cola-It's The Real Thing!

Search Engines...

Google - Google It!

Yahoo -Well Yahoo...Then!

WebCrawler -Search Before You Surf!

C/Net Search -Search for Everything Here!

Starting Point -Everything You Need to Work the Web!

Reading Material...

@ u g u s t a-The Augusta Chronicle!

AikenStandard-The Aiken Standard!

TheState-The State News!

WinMag- Amazing Uncle Bill's Windows!

WindowsXP - The Official Magazine!

ZD Net -Lots of Stuff Here!

Amazon-Purchase Books Here @ Great Prices!

Looking For a Job...

Dice-Get Great Results in 30 Days!

Monster Board-Find it on the Monster!

CareerBuilder-Newspapers from Lots of Major Cities!

America's Job Bank-Gateway to Employment Resources!

6FigureJobs-Executive Searches!

NTES-National Technical Employment Services!

LinkedIn-Get Linked In!

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